We have all your photo day questions covered here! Click on the question to see the answer!
1. What is Kapture doing about COVID-19?
2. Will my child miss out on having a photo taken if I do not pay on or before photo day?
3. I have misplaced my order envelope/flyer containing the online school code and / or student ID.
4. Can I preview my child's portrait and/or group photo before ordering?
5. How do I view and purchase sports or special group photos taken at my school?
6. I have missed the closing time for ordering a sibling photo.
7. When are sibling photos taken?
8. Can I bring my high school/preschool aged child to be photographed in a sibling photo at the primary school?
9. Do I need to return the envelope/flyer with my child on photo day if I am ordering online?
10. Can I change my child's name from what is printed on their order form?
11. I would like to change or cancel my order
12. I do not wish my child(ren) to be photographed
13. I would like my order mailed to my home address.
14. I am a separated/divorced parent, can both my ex and I place orders for the same child(ren)?
15. Do you offer family discounts?
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